WordCamp Austin’s presentations will all follow one of our three tracks. Plus, there’s a bonus pseudo-track for the independent-minded!

Starting a website: The Full Picture

For those who are just starting out, we’ll have a day-long track where you can get handsy with WordPress. There will be a series of talks that cover the full picture of running a WordPress site. We’ll have speakers that will teach everything from SEO to design, marketing to plugins, and eCommerce to blogging.

Making a living with WordPress

Do you pay your bills using WordPress? Are you a freelancer? Work for an agency? Develop plugins and themes for a living? Provide support, hosting services, or specialized niche use cases? This track is for you! We’ll have lessons, deep dives, tips, and tricks from speakers who have made (and failed to make) a living using WordPress.

WordPress as a Solution

When you get to high-end applications, there are always complex, niche problems that developers face. How can WordPress provide a solution to those problems? Today, that answer often involves the REST API. WordPress also provides complex solutions for eCommerce and online learning. This track will explore many of the creative applications of WordPress solving today’s technical challenges.

Build your own session

Want to talk about something else? Start your own session! Throughout the venue you’ll find tables with whiteboard signs. If you’ve got a topic that you want to talk about, write it on the sign. Like minded Campers can come over and join you. Start your own conversation where you can learn from each other by sharing the successes and failures you’ve personally experienced.