Travel information – gaming the chaos

WordCamp Austin is being held on a busy weekend. We know! We looked for a better weekend, when not so much was going on, but that’s apparently a rarity these days. With Formula 1 in town at the same time, downtown hotels are unfortunately at a premium. It’s the positive, though, right? We have a great venue in a vibrant part of town right next to downtown. There’s a ton to see & do that weekend and it won’t be 1 million degrees, as we’ll be in late October. What’s not to like about that?

The most Austin thing is to complain about Austin, so we’re staying away from that. Looking at how to power through the race day crowds, we’ve started searching for hotels outside the most expensive parts of town. Lyft and Uber are not in Austin, but we have alternatives readily available, making it easier to get around.


WordCamp Austin will be at Fair Market, one of our newer event venues located in the vibrant East Side of Austin. A great indoor space, an as-great on-site outdoor space, with lots to experience around it.

Find a ride to the venue

Ride Finder is a handy site that will let you do a price comparison between the various ride share services in Austin.

A service that gets recommended quite a bit is Ride Austin. If you’re feeling charitable, you can automatically round up your fares and donate the proceeds to your local charity.

Austin Capital Metro and other and public transportation is another way to get around Austin. This guide has a listing of all the forms of transportation and how to get more information.

Hotels & Lodging

There are a number of area hotel and lodging options in the $200 a night range & lower. Here are some ways of getting your hands on one before they fill up.

Hotels map

This is a quick look at about a dozen area hotels. At last check (March 2017) the vast majority were below $225/night.

Other lodging searches

Checking Kayak is an easy way to find more available hotels under $200 a night in the Austin area.

An Airbnb search finds a few hundred options.

Austin’s own HomeAway has some available properties to rent, too.

Things to Do in Austin

Austin is a vibrant city with a very social and active social and music scene. View the Austin Visitors Guide for more if this is your first visit. The website also has a full events calendar and more tips about everything Austin.

We hope this helps. We’ll keep an eye on things as best we can and will update this page periodically. More to come as we get further into the year!